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Electrical Works

Electrical problems are highly unpredictable and can occur at any time, situations  may rise where an electrical appliance suddenly stops working, and a plug socket starts to malfunction or your light fixtures and dimmer fails. Electrical can be extremely dangerous and amny problems can occurswhen a layman attempts to fix the appliances themselves. This is why trained, licensed, professional are an important part of the process to safe guard any electrical failure or shot within the wiring.

The good news is that we know what to do in any type of electrical failure.

We have grown our service base with the ethos of trying to be the best in a competitive market and have maintained this throughout our service path covering all electrical services in the sectors we provide.

We have installed ventilation and air-conditioning systems in all building types

Our electrical works can cover a whole multitude of requirements in domestic and commercial situations. From rewiring a refurbished property, through to implementing electrical maintenance schedules across a contract-based portfolio.

Rapid Response carries out electrical projects of varying sizes with some our largest projects providing a complete fit out for a multiple residential and commercial properties.

Our professional team are fully compliant with the latest standards and wiring regulations, and with full up to date certification. We are able to react to emergency call-outs quickly and decisively.

ToolBoys broad practical and technical expertise is continually developed to meet the rigour of legislative demands and evolving client needs. Give a call for consultation and get your request done in no time.

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