Flooring & Tiling


Flooring & Tiling

We install kitchen tile, bathroom tile, flooring tiles. Bring added warmth and beauty to outdoor living spaces with tile floors and walls.

We are perfect in laying a new tile floor, but a successful job requires careful preparation, an understanding of how the various tasks are properly done and attention to detail, as we are the one who can do that.

We are undertaking floor and tiling works for both new and renovated buildings of all type.

Proper Flooring and Tilling gives a luxurious appeal. With our wide range of textures and colors, pattern possibilities seem unlimited. It is not only the matter of looks but it is easy to clean and maintain. Tile flooring is cost effective which means adding value to the home while providing a life-long flooring solution.

At ToolBoys, we have the expertise and experienced technicians to handle your commercial or residential flooring and tile installation and/or repair.

Our experts qualified to evaluate the damage to your residential floor and tiles assess whether the damage is structural or superficial. We can then implement the best strategy for the repair of your damaged residential components.

Whether you are dealing with chips or fractures, grunge or deterioration, the team at ToolBoys is here to help.

Call us today to get an expert on-site and on the job right away!

Clean-up aid : Use a fine abrasive pads, along with a little water and stain remover, they’re great for removing stubborn thin-set smudges on the face of tile. And they won’t scratch the glossy glaze.

Now's the time to get all those flooring and tiling job done!