About Us

Toolboys is a professional handyman team in Dubai offering various kinds of Home and Commercial product installations, assembly, maintenance and repair solutions. Our handymen cater to services of all sizes from small household work to bulk commercial projects. We also take up general inspection routinely for various infrastructural needs.

Appointment: Booking a handyman from Toolboys cannot get easier than this. You can book our handymen through a toll-free number, Whatsapp or Email. Let us know the service you require and the time, we will take care of the rest!

On-time Services: We understand that time is of the essence for everyone. Hence, our handymen reach your destination on time as scheduled beforehand. Based on the service requirements, they will estimate and inform the time it will take to complete that work. Accordingly, they take up their job and finish it as promised.

Professionals at Work: Our entire crew is thoroughly trained in different aspects of our services. You will find a Toolboys team proficient in each service we provide. We host a verified and licensed workforce for the satisfaction of our clients.

Work-quality: Toolboys is synonymous with high-quality works. We are proud of our wide range of services and reliable services that we provide.

Equipped Handymen: Our handyman comes with all the tools required for installation, assembly as well as repair works. So our customers do not have to worry about buying any tool kits.

Flexible: In current times, most of the people are working outside of their homes. So we present a flexible team who will provide services at the time of your choosing.

Reliable Team: Our handymen are experts and reliable to provide for all the services they sign up to.

Range of Services: Over the years, our Toolboys crew has grown to provide our customers with all a wide range of handyman services.

Affordable Prices: Our service prices are fair and suitable for all our customers. We have adjusted our prices according to our works to reach and expand our customer base.

Emergency Services: Issues like severe tap leakage, electric shocks from geysers, no water supply from the overhead tank and many such works require immediate attention. Hence, Toolboys team is ever ready with their tools to come to your rescue in all kinds of emergency services.

Why Us?

Over time, we have simplified our lifestyle by inducing various things and commodities into it. Owing to that, every now and then, these things require professional assistance to keep them working. This is where the handyman comes into the picture. But sometimes people feel it is not easy to get hold of a handyman when you actually need one. This could be because they haven’t come across our Toolboys team.

Health and Safety

As a handyman service provider, health and safety of our employees is what actually important for us. We do make sure that our team is taking all the precautionary measures to keep the work environment risk free and hygienic. All our employees are covered with full insurance and do have valid ID, pass and documents required to work in Dubai legally. As an employer, we provide workmen compensation to all our employees in case of any mishaps. Also for the work related issues, 3rd party insurance is provided. We are continuously putting all our efforts to maintain the quality and standard of our health and safety measures, at any circumstances without any compromise.

Multi-Skilled Handymen

We are a licensed team of expert handymen who provide extensive services across every locality of Dubai, and we are just a call away to reach you!

Toolboys crew come with experience as well as skills in assisting all residential and commercial infrastructural works. We cater to different kinds of repair works, maintenance works, installation and replacement of products.

Along with these services, we also assist in beautifying interiors and exteriors of your buildings through various paint jobs and tiling works. You can also choose our carpentry projects for availing customised furniture, wardrobes and much more.

Don’t try to manage your electrical and plumbing works, if you barely have any knowledge about them. Trust us- you might just increase your burden. Instead, try Toolboys excellent electricians and plumbers to get your job done in no time!

Problem Solving Attitude

All you have to do is tell our crew your issues and they will know exactly what to do- such is their training and experience. Yes! So we train all our handymen and give them the knowledge of all kinds of infrastructural repair works beforehand without wasting time learning on the field. In this manner, when they are at your place they get to the problem immediately to solve it.

All Size Works

We do not consider any jobs small or big. We approach every handyman work with a similar level of professionalism. This is because no matter how simple or complicated the job is, it is important to our clients. So we consider those jobs with serious attitude and help them sincerely.

Upfront Rates

We offer reasonable and upfront rates to our clients based on the services that will be catered. We disclose every price of the services as well as products (if we buy any for your repair/replacement works) that we will be charging before we begin the work. There are no hidden charges or anything that will concern our customers later. We wish to grow as reliable and trustworthy professionals, hence the approach!

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a trustworthy, household name in every locality of Dubai by offering high quality and reputable services.

Our Mission

Toolboys mission is to cater to extensive services with 100% customer satisfaction at lucrative prices. We also strive to ensure client convenience, safety and high-calibre outputs. With time, we wish to increase our customer base, more than what we are today by becoming a one-stop service provider.