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Best AC Repair & AC Service in Dubai

With the increase in weather temperatures everywhere, the last thing you want to deal with is air conditioner repair and maintenance to keep it running. Not everyone is accustomed to the AC repair knowledge and will not know how to manage it by themselves. Also, there will be several air conditioners in commercial buildings and offices which require timely AC service. And maintenance to keep them usable for a longer duration.

With our professional handyman AC service in Dubai, you do not have to worry about any aspect regarding AC repair and its maintenance. We cater to all kinds of Air conditioners, Chillers, Water coolers and everything related to them.

1. Complete Ac Routine Service
2. Ac Duct Cleaning
3. Ac Repair & Maintenance
4. Ac Unit Cleaning
5. Water Leakage Repair in AC

Toolboys’ Emergency AC Repair in Dubai

AC repair in Dubai has never been this easy! Air conditioning products can stop working or behave abruptly at irregular times. Hence, we bring to you Toolboysemergency AC repair crew who render all kinds of AC service and Ac maintenance assistance swiftly in Dubai. Our experienced and skilled handyman team are readily available with their tools to help you out with any air conditioning issues.

All our team members are trained thoroughly in every aspect of air conditioning before they are actually let to do the repair and maintenance jobs. And our handyman crew are specialists in what they do, making them reliable service providers in the entire Dubai city.

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of time to spare to tend to our crew members. That is why we have offered our clients the option of Bookings at their preferable times. Accordingly, we make sure to send our crew at the time of your choosing for any kind of AC service in Dubai.

Different Assistances availed by Toolboys Air conditioning Service Providers

Our various line of air conditioning services include:

AC Installation & Repair In Dubai:

If you have just purchased a new air conditioner or shifting from one location to another, AC installation services can be availed to ease your burden. We will send our experienced crew members who systematically install your new AC and help you understand its operations. Also, when relocating, our AC experts will uninstall the air conditioner from the old location and assist the clients in installing to the new location.

AC filter cleaning Dubai:

Over the time air conditioner filers tend to accumulate different kinds of dirt, dust and sometimes moulds as well. These clusters of pollutants meddle in the AC’s operations and give out unclean air. Along with unclean air, sometime air conditioners could act out and give out hot air, ice and such unwanted stuff. Our AC repair services include cleaning of these air filters by washing them thoroughly, rinsing air conditioner fins, and making sure there is no moulds and dirt left behind.

AC duct cleaning:

AC ducts also tend to get infested by dust, dirt, insects, germs, fungi and some other contaminants as well. This is undesirable for several users but they often don’t get time to clean it. For all such clients who are busy with their schedules, Handyman’s team is at your service. They come equipped with different tools that help them reach the AC ducts and clean them.

AC maintenance Dubai:

Toolboys provides AC maintenance services like checking water leakage from AC pipes or tubes, checking the coolant level, removing and cleaning the AC condenser and fan motor, and lubricating the fan motor. Our technicians also cater to the inspection of different units of the air conditioners like the thermostat, condenser unit, compressor, evaporator unit and such. During the inspection, if our crew members find any faulty or worn-out components, they replace it with new products.

Air-quality maintenance:

Air conditioners often come with ordinary odour and dust cleansing components. While they clean the air entering AC from outside, there still remain certain residues of toxins, allergens, contaminators, bacteria and such other minute particles that pass through the filters and enter your indoors. Hence, users require time to time air-quality maintenance to make the best use of their air conditioners. We at Toolboys avail the air-quality maintenance to our clients by introducing them to different measures as per the need and environment. These measures include installation of Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Germicidal lights, Ventilation, air filtration and purification products.

Experience in Handling Various Air Conditioning Products

Toolboys is one of the leading AC repair companies in Dubai that have extensive experience in handling various kinds of air conditioning products. We can deal with ACs of any shape and size including Split-system Central air conditioners, Packaged Central air conditioners, Ductless mini-split ACs, Multi-split ACs, Hybrid ACs, Heat Pumps, Portable units and all such products.

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Our air conditioner repair and maintenance services are not just limited to homes. We provide services at different infrastructures, including hospitals, malls, cinema halls, commercial complexes, shops, offices and all such outlets.