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Toolboys, Dubai's best Masonry service!

Masonry works in Dubai involve complex processes which make it best to be handled by experienced individuals rather than new or inexperienced masons. This ensures the strength of the buildings over the long run, and assures the safety of people in and around it.

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Toolboys is a full service and licensed masonry contractor in Dubai. You can approach us for all kinds of masonry works to get them done with the quick and professional-level approach. Get to know a detailed list of all our masonry services below.

List of Masonry Services by Toolboys

Clients can choose from a variety of Toolboys masonry works to fortify their building. These include:

  • Load bearing masonry walls
  • Reinforced masonry walls
  • Hollow concrete blocks
  • Composite masonry walls
  • Post-tensioned masonry walls

Load bearing masonry walls:

As the name suggests, these are walls specifically designed and built to manage the load. So we construct those walls using bricks, stones, mortar and other reinforcing materials such as steel, gravel and wood.

Reinforced masonry walls:

These walls could be both- load withstanding or non-load bearing. We use two types of reinforcements, vertical and horizontal along with the usual masonry items such as brick and mortar to strengthen the walls.

Hollow concrete blocks

These walls restrain moisture from entering into the structure. We make these blocks through an acute ratio of cement, gravel, sand and water ratio.

Composite masonry walls:

Made with two or more different building materials such as bricks or stones, bricks or hollow bricks. All in all, we maintain proper cement mortar calculation in brick masonry.

Post-tensioned masonry walls:

For safety from unbearable forces like tornadoes, earthquakes and such, we develop post-tensioned walls. This is suitable for multi-storied infrastructures which are highly susceptible to damages during above-mentioned unforeseen situations.

Toolboys Different Infrastructural Services

Our masons come equipped with different types of masonry materials including chisel, trough, masonry trowel, cement mixer and every such tool. These are used to build various infrastructures such as:

For new building constructions:

Toolboys masonry contractors design and offer masonry works for both residential and commercial infrastructure as needed by clients. We can develop brick masonry walls, stone masonry walls, concrete walls, and such.

Masonry restoration works:

Toolboys masonry restorations works include all types of wall repair, alteration and renovations. In detail, these involve repairing the cracked walls, offering proper support to the damaged walls, closing holes in walls, raising ceilings, adding or removing walls, and such.

Structural masonry works:

This is done using bricks or stones along with skilled stonemasons to make the structure self-supporting. Toolboys stonemasons are highly equipped and get the job done artistically.

Wall designing services:

Owing to current trends, clients wish to have their walls designed intricately matching their status. For such customers, we offer a plethora of wall designs to be carved and built aesthetically. These designs could be applied to the interiors, exteriors, ceilings and anywhere our clients require.

Other miscellaneous works:

Our other masonry works in Dubai include repair fireplaces, swimming pools, pavers, stone veneers and all such.