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No matter what kind of weather it is outside, some of us often require hot or warm water for bathing and other sanitation purposes. But many of us face issues with our heaters like it provides only lukewarm water or little water from Water Heater faucets. Sometimes it needs to do new Water Heater Installation & sometimes Electric Water heater Repair is enough. Then there is sediment deposition on coils caused by hard water, rust on the water heater, leaks from the heater tank, burnt wire smells, discolouration of water, Geyser not turning ON, electric shocks and such others Water Heater Issues. No matter what the issue is, it is better to take Water Heater professional help to fix the water heater in one go.

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Toolboys are those professionals who offer a variety of water heater installation and repair services meticulously to the content of our clients. Our handyman crew comes with acute skills and expertise that help them address different kinds of water heater related issues quickly and accurately. Choose them for your repair services today!

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Water Heater Repair & Replacment Service in Dubai

As mentioned above, water heaters tend to have various issues every now and then. Hence, we have trained our crew to be aware of all kinds of faults occurring in heaters and how to handle them instantly. Accordingly, our water heater repair services include:

Hot Water Heater Repair by De-siltation:

Siltation usually causes due to the deposition of salts on the insides of the water heater. Other times, it could be due to the dust particles from the overhead tanks. However, the depositions of particles on insides often cause slow heating of water which tends to the usage of more electricity. Along with it, users also experience electric shocks in hot water, less water discharge from the heater and such other issues. Our water heater repair crew open the heater to clean the insides and make it workable like before. When Water Heater is not working this process is done in the end and this can renew your geyser.

Leaky Water Heater Fixing:

Leakages in the water heater ? it is not at all a good sign. They increase the chances of short circuits and cause electric shocks as well. Hence, it is better to turn it off geyser and report the issue to Water Heater Technician & get help for fixing leaking water heater. More often than not, it’s the faulty drain valves that cause leakage issues. Toolboys crew check the heater to know the exact fault and fix the hot water system then and there, to avoid further issues.

Electric Water Heater & Geyser Repair:

The electric water heaters come with a galvanic anode rod which is responsible for obstructing the rusting of inner walls of the Geyser. When this rod stops working, it causes issues like rust and sediment deposition inside the heater. Toolboys in Dubai water heater technicians remove the galvanic rod to replace it with a new one and also clean the sediment deposition inside the tank. This definitely restores the working of the water heater efficiently. Electric Water heater Repair is something that is for sure needed these days and no other option is there. We have professional & Several method for Water heater Repair in Dubai.

Tankless water heater repair:

Tankless water heater is one of the productive water heaters you will come across. Although it doesn’t get faulty often, there will be times when even this heater requires attention. For such emergency water heater repair works, Toolboys team is ever ready. They are equipped to fix issues in tankless water heater too and get the hot water running again in the bathroom.

Other water heater repairing service:

Toolboys, the water heater Repair Company, also cater to issues like delay in water heating, burnt wire odours, no hot water, change in watercolour and such. Our team checks every aspect of heater thoroughly and then repair them as needed. Our water heater repair costs are made affordable to everyone such that, no one has to suffer from any unwanted consequences that could otherwise cause due to faulty water heaters.

Water heater replacement in Dubai:

Sometimes it is unable to Repair Water Heater and that time Water Heater Replacement is the only option left. So always consider best Water heater Technician in Dubai for your Installation. After usage of water heaters for certain years, they become faulty beyond repair. That is when you know that you require a hot Water Heater Installation. Just call our plumber to replace a water heater of any kind and they will finish up their job in no time!

Toolboys Home Heater Installation Services

Toolboys is the leading water heater installation company in Dubai known for installation of a diverse range of water heaters. Everyone knows geyser installation is not an easy task. It requires astute knowledge which includes assessing the bathroom, the placement of switchboard, the inlet and outlet tap availability, water force, drilling and every such detail before beginning the geyser connection. Toolboys team of water heater installers understand all these aspects easily and with their years of experience quickly make the required arrangements to install the water heaters.

Toolboys hot water heater installers are experts in positions the following types:

Gas water heater installation

Our gas water heater installers first check your bathroom to see if there is enough space for placement of both gas cylinder as well as a heater. In any condition, they strategically design and arrange for the installation of the product for your convenience.

Electric water heater installation

Even in case of electric heater instalment, our crew takes every measure into consideration for safe placement of the product. Along with this, we also cater to electric heater replacements, electric duct heater installation, fixing of electric water heater and all such jobs.

Solar water heater installation

Installation of solar water heater has several steps including placement of solar collectors over the roof, storage tank installation, piping works, pump connection, including valve and other controls, and much more. Toolboys crew will not only assist in installing this product but also help in solar water heater repair works.