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It is frustrating when you have water issues, be it at the home, office or literally anywhere. More often than not, we face water issues due to the pipes. Sometimes there is a blockage in pipes, some other times pipe leakages, corrosion and what not. So it all boils down to plumbing services which many of us cannot handle properly. Sometimes, layman even messes up the whole situation in an effort to fix it. Hence, plumbing is another service that is better if a professional Dubai plumber with experience deals with it.

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Toolboys is that professional handyman crew who have both experience and skills to take on any type of plumbing works. We offer various highly efficient and cheap plumber services in Dubai. So to find a local plumber, get to Toolboys!

Emergency Dubai Plumber Services

Some of the services like clogging of drains, obstructing water passage, return of drainage water, water leakage through taps, pipe leakages, pipes bursting, roof leakages, water tank problems and such other plumbing issues could happen any time without intimation. These kinds of plumbing issues require emergency plumbing attention because they could cause water to flood in your house, damage walls, roofs, waste a lot of water, cause electric shock, sometimes even leads to electrocution and whatnot. At such unwanted times, Toolboys emergency plumbers will come to your rescue and fix the issues before it leads to any further damage.

We host a crew of responsible Plumbers and technicians who cater to timely services in Dubai to fix any plumbing issues. You can reach us quickly through a phone call and enjoy our emergency plumbing services in no time.

Toolboys Plumbing Service Includes:
Tap & Faucets Repair
Pipe Leakage Repair & Replacement
All Toilet & Bathroom Solution
Water Pump Repair
Flush Tank & Blocked Drain Service
Water Heater Replacement

Different Plumbing Services offered by Toolboys

Toolboys Plumber Dubai duties and responsibilities include:

Plumber Dubai Installation::

For new buildings that require different kinds of plumbing installation, Toolboys crew are the best plumbers in Dubai who works for the best plumbing company. We install Taps, Kitchen basins, Washbasins, Commodes, Piping, Showers, Sprinkler systems, Water Pump Installation and all such associated items.

Pipe leak fixes:

Leaking pipes concealed below the floors/tiles or inside the walls are difficult to reach. But the leaking needs to be stopped to cease wastage of water or outspread of unwanted liquid (like toilet water, washbasin water and such). Also, there are open pipes that leak due to wear out or over-usage, which need to be changed or repaired. Toolboys plumbers are expert in fixing all kinds of leaks and fix your plumbing problems. They come with appropriate tools to break into the walls as well as floor to get to the leaking pipes and repair the damage. We repair Leaky Bathtub also.

Toilet repair:

Toilets often get clogged by unwanted materials. The water sprinkler sometimes doesn’t work due to salt deposition from hard water or hair gets clogged in the commodes, leaking toilet, flush tank issues and whatnot. The toilet seat breaks and needs replacement. Entire commodes sometimes break after over-usage. All these issues require professional plumbers to fix them. Who better than Toolboys crew to help you out? Our registered Dubai plumbers will work on toilet repairs quickly and without any hassles.

Taps & Bathtub repair:

Taps usually leak due to washer damage. Sometimes there are clogs in taps as well due to salt deposition or solid dirt from the tank above. Toolboys handyman repairs various types of the issue concerning the leaking faucets as well. We install & Repair faulty Bathtub also at a very affordable cost & quick, Bathtub Installation is needed when the leakage is permanent

Drain cleaning:

Kitchen drains often get clogged by food particles, oils tend to solidify and stick to pipes and other such similar debris, which collectively clog the kitchen drains. Bathroom drains tend to accumulate debris like hair etc when not cleaned regularly. These kinds of debris clog the drains, bring out repulsive odour, don’t allow the passage of water and sometimes even form cracks in pipes and walls due to pressure. Toolboys emergency Plumber Dubai removes all such accumulated garbage in the pipes and drains and cleans them thoroughly for the passage of water. We also offer regular drain cleaning services to avoid any severe damage to your piping system.

Water pump repair:

Water pumps are common in several household and commercial complexes. But over-usage could lead to spoilage of the motor, and the bearing could break and cause friction, unwanted noise and other issues. Toolboys Plumber Dubai technicians are experienced in working with water pump related plumbing repairs in Dubai. They can replace the damaged motor with a new and working one, oil the bearing assembly, clean it and make it work without much noise. Mostly We face a low water pressure problem that can be easily resolved by us. Call us: 800 8289

Water heater installation and maintenance:

Our handyman team can manage the installation of different capacity water heaters. They inspect the area of installation, plan the basic layout of pipes as well as switchboards to see if everything is in the manageable distance and then go ahead with the installation process. This is not a layman work, and it is better to find a local plumber from Toolboys crew to help you with the installation process. After installation, we also offer timely servicing and maintenance to make sure the product remains in working conditions for a longer duration.

Other Toolboys Plumbing Services In Dubai

We offer entire pipelining works for new residents as well as commercial complexes in Dubai. From bathrooms to kitchen, washbasin, and any other location in the building that require water routed to it will be taken care of by us. We even install a wide range of products like basin, taps, commodes, showers, water heaters, sprinkler systems, bathtubs and all such sanitary items or plumbing system. Apart from the bulk work of the new buildings, we also cater to the replacement of the entire piping system as well as product replacements for old buildings expecting renovation or home maintenance.

Plumber Dubai Provides
– Kitchen Sink Replacement & Repair
– Bathtub Repair & Replacement
– Tap Installation & Pipe Leakage repair
– Drain Unblocking Service
and many more,